A Horde of Stories

If you spot a hotlinked title, that means the story is available somewhere in the wilds of the Web and can be read at your leisure. I’ll add hotlinks to all the journal and zine titles in time, so that you can find your way to some nifty places. If you revisit the homepage also keep an eye out for the “Wiggedies” tag, which will bring you to stories written once upon a time in response to very specific prompts. If I like them just as they are (and don’t think they would be a good fit for any venue that comes to mind), I’ll go ahead and post them here somewhere down the line.

“Jake’s Acre.” Bourbon Penn, 2023. Forthcoming.

“A Feeld Gide to Eksotik Lokel Fonna.” Hidden Realms, March 2023. Forthcoming.

“A Blue Moon over Lost Lake.” Their Ghoulish Reputation, 2022.

Clicker.” Purple Wall Stories, Summer 2022.

“Congregation.” Dark Moon Digest 45, October 2021.

The Hypothecary.” The Wondrous Real 5, July 2021.

“The Goblin Box.” Crow Toes Quarterly 1.1, 2021.

Magic Made Easy.” Dissections, April 2021.

“Promises to Keep.” Not One of Us 67, 2021.

Admiral Spatterjack’s Old-Fashioned All-Natural Home-Style Candy Corn.” Purple Wall Stories, 2020.

“The Finest Jest.”  Mythic Circle, 2016.

Ostergaard’s Lot.”  The Providence Journal.  2 August 2015.

“Ornery Corn.”  Mythic Circle, 2015.

“Doorways.”  Supernatural Tales 28, Winter 2014/15.

“The January Man.” Dark Eclipse 14, August 2012.

“Whole Cloth and Half-Truths.”  Crow Toes Quarterly 4.4, Winter 2010-11.

“A Plague of Ladies.”  British Fantasy Society Journal, Spring 2011.

“The Third Mercy.”  Mythic Circle 31, July 2009.

“The Crossing.”  Champagne Shivers 5, Winter 2009.

“Those Awkward Phases.”  Champagne Shivers 5, Winter 2009.

“The Seventh Chamber.”  Whispers of Wickedness 16/17, Winter 2009.

“The Way of All Wishes.”  Shroud 4, Summer 2008.

“Pumpkinjumper.”  Realms of Fantasy, December 2008.

“The Magic Word.”  Dark Realms 29, Winter 2007.

“Walking the Yard.”  Sinister Tales 2.3, October 2007.

“Side Effects.”  Sounds of the Night 1, August 2007. 

“The Well of the Elders.”  Dark Realms 26, April 2007.